Is Kune free software, on both the server and the client sides?^

Yes.  Kune is released here as a GNU AGPL v3 free software.

In particular, it does not install non-free javascript in the user’s browser.

Does Kune codebase respect the GNU standards?^

Yes.  Some minor adaptations (concerning the Makefile) are to be done if Kune is accepted as GNU project.

Does the server-side of Kune perform computation that the user would need to do himself so that his freedom is respected?^

No.  Not more than does the server-side of an MTA like sendmail or postfix.

Does the user has complete control over what informations Kune instances
can gather about him? In particular: how can the user make sure a Kune
instance cannot steal his information and process them despite its will?^

Kune is only a tool turning a server into a collaborative publication platform. As such, it can be used in a way that respects the freedom of the users or that does not respect it, e.g. by storing information about what they write and processing this information without telling them.

This problem has to be solved by the policy of the server and by the trust relationship between the users and the people running the Kune instance.

This is similar to the problem of trusting a server running an email relay.

This is not a problem for Kune by itself.

Kune by itself does not store information about what users write using Kune. All this information is stored by the ones responsible for the server and this is their responsability to inform users about what is done with their data.

Is the Wave protocol free software?^

Yes.  It is released here as an Apache License v2 free software.

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