Who’s behind Kune?

Relation with OurProject.org

Kune is an initiative of the people of OurProject.org. OurProject began in 2002 as a platform focused on social, cultural and artistic free/libre/open projects, providing the necessary tools for running a website, mailing lists, forums, FTP, Wiki and other useful services. It hosts more than 500 projects, but the necessity of having a high level of computer knowledge to manage the tools is a large constraint. Kune is the result of the experience accumulated throughout this period since ourproject.org began, and learning from the mistakes made along the way.

Organizational aspects

OurProject services are hosted on its own machines, and the connection and maintenance is provided thanks to xsto.info, which supports our objectives. Any economic assistance provided to us will also revert in xsto.info shared infraestructures, to make our services faster, more robust and more reliable.

Economic aspects

OurProject is completely community-supported, with no wage-earner programmer or enterprise support of any kind. The only economic support for OurProject comes directly from its few members and collaborators. We refuse to accept money from advertising, as we believe free/libre initiatives must be free of ads as well (as Wikipedia does). The same is true for the machines, connection, maintenance, daily work and, of course, the development of Kune.

Plans for the future

OurProject plans to establish Kune as the new platform for hosting social projects, replacing the current software used. But Kune will not only be used for OurProject; Kune will be developed to be usable by any organization which seeks to provide free web services for social projects of any kind, allowing decentralization of efforts, specialization and localization.

In line with our commitment to support social movements, the World Social Forum has already expressed interest in using Kune. We hope that soon Kune will acquire a level of development mature enough so it can start being used by the WSF or other institutions. Right now, we can say its current Beta is mature enough for users to use it in a daily basis.

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  1. GuruM says:

    The link to “World Social Forum” takes you to an empty site: http://www.forumsocialmundial.org.br/
    “It works!
    This is the default web page for this server.
    The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.”

    Are they going to move to kune any time soon. The article is not dated so couldn’t tell when it was last updated.


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