Kune (which means together in esperanto) is a new web tool, still under development, for creating environments of constant inter-communication, collective intelligence, knowledge and shared work.

Kune’s main objective is to multiply the capacity and skills of people, communities and organizations, allowing their constant cooperation, regardless of physical distance. Therefore, it aims to facilitate virtual meetings, coordinate common agendas, join people with similar interests and develop projects collaboratively. Other features include managing projects and contents, and sharing them freely with anyone, anywhere.

Kune provides, to each person or collective, a collection of web tools which allows them to boost their potential social actions. To accomplish that, we believe:

  • These web tools must be for ’human beings’: if you can use a web email account you should be able to manage your personal or group spaces in Kune
  • You should be able to build online relationships in a simplified but powerful way
  • Joint concerns and efforts: create or find groups of people with similar interests to yours, cooperate and work with them in an online collaborative environment.
  • Your work should reach the maximum visibility, but by keeping your desired privacy level
  • Knowledge wants to be free, so free/libre licenses are encouraged for all the content created, unblocking the diffusion of work and ideas and promoting the collective construction of knowledge, but without loss of authorship

Thus Kune offers customizable web spaces with a collection of easy-to-use tools to choose from (forums, blogs, wikis, media galleries, chat rooms, document managers, social networks, etc.), boosting communication and network-like collaborative work.

Kune pretends to extrapolate the philosophy of collaborative development in free software projects to other initiatives, of any topic, and to promote social movements. Thus, its internal logic is the seeking and cooperative building of openly participative solutions, collaborating in a horizontal way.

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