Here are some screenshots of Kune showing the status of development in different places of the Kune workspace client (this is the more dynamic space where people intercommunicate with each other and generate content).

Screenshots of previous version (0.1.0 Apr-2012) and olds (version 0.0.9 Jun-2011)

More old screenshots (version 0.0.6, Jul-2009)

Change/Remove link context menu:

Insert external media dialog:

Image insertion dialog:

Insert link dialog:

Insert table dialog:

Select group image background option:

Editor insert menu options:

Video/audio reproduction:

New rich text editor’s comments (similar to comments):

Jan-09 screenshots

New group creation dialog:

Groups tools selection:

Per group look&feel:

Content edition:

Preview of special contents (a PDF in this screenshot):

File upload dialog:

Personal homepages:

Chatting while editing a document (with browser back&forward support without interrupting the chat):

Kune easy to use self-translation tool:

Social network (groups members administration):

Group license wizard selector:

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  1. Rae says:

    Es una pasada. ¿Cuando estará disponible?

  2. samer says:

    You can find the demo in and the full production version will be available within a few months 🙂 Till then, any help is appreciated.

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