New release & website launch!

We are proud to announce a new version of Kune, together with the launch of our production site! You can try it out in

Moreover, if you are a techie you can install it locally using simply a .deb package (in Debian, Ubuntu, etc) following these instructions. If you are not, you can still encourage your institution (university, company, lab, etc) to use it for communication & collaboration of its members. Remember all kunes are “federated”, that is, they are completely interoperable with each other (as in email, where you can send emails to anyone regardless of where do they have their email account).

Kune has lots of improvements and new features:

  • Increased stability, speed and usability
  • Drag&Drop for sharing contents, add users to a doc, change roles, delete contents, etc
  • Real-time collaborative group calendar (with ical export)
  • New group tools (lists, tasks)
  • Email notifications
  • Tutorials for each tool
  • Home stats
  • Shortcuts
  • Improvements from Apache Wave (waves import, SSL, etc)
  • Deb packaging

You can see many of these features in the screenshots & screencasts. We took a while to make this new release, but this will be the last slow release. We are moving to a rapid release development cycle, so users will be able to receive improvements much faster.

Why Kune? Kune aims to replace your use (and your groups) of Google Docs, Google/Yahoo/MSN Groups, Google Calendar, Facebook, and eventually Dropbox, Blogger and even emails. Many of these tools are used for work (like Fb) when they are not prepared for that. Especially, emails are not prepared for the horrible amount of discussion, decision-making, agreements, etc we use them for. Kune, using Apache Wave, aims to solve this issue. For more info and doubts check our FAQ.

Kune 0.1.0 has as codename “99%” as a tribute to the Occupy social movement.

We want to invite anyone to join the development of Kune (or Apache Wave). Also, if you are a student and need a final project or master/phd thesis, feel free to embrace Kune and adapt it to your needs.

We want to thank the incredible work of Apache Wave developers, the Medialab-Prado Kune group for the useful advice, and the Iepala Foundation for their continuous and encouraging support.

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5 Responses to New release & website launch!

  1. Johna says:

    Excelente!!! felicitaciones a todxs por el maravilloso trabajo!

  2. no says:

    el enlace de vídeos, hacia screencast, da un 404, creo.
    Gracias por Kune

  3. samer says:

    Enlaces corregidos, gracias

  4. JT says:


    Un trabajazo, el que le habéis metido a esta versión. Esto promete 😉

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