Kune usability report

Every feedback is welcome, and even more if it’s constructive and useful. This is the case of this one: The IEPALA Foundation [1] has prepared a usability report about Kune (in Spanish, although with understandable designs), in which it studies the usability of Kune and how to improve the issues found.

The report concludes that the general approach of Kune is correct. However, there are several issues with navigation and interaction that cause the user experience not to be completely satisfactory. Thus, the report proposes several changes and alternative designs to overcome these problems.

Nowadays, many of these suggestions are already implemented and will appear in the next release of Kune, while others which are more complex will be addressed later.

Have you tried the Kune demo? What do you think about it? Which things would you change? Every opinion counts and yours as a user even more.

[1] IEPALA is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that focuses its work on the analysis, studies and training in Latin America, Africa and the South, defending and promoting the right of peoples and human rights, and cooperation development of Third World peoples. Currently, IEPALA is fully supporting the development of Kune.

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