Kune is a platform for encouraging collaboration, content sharing & free culture. It aims to improve/modernize/replicate the labor of what does, but in an easier manner and expanding on its features for community-building. It allows for the creation of online spaces of collaborative work, where organizations and individuals can build projects online, coordinate common agendas, set up virtual meetings and join people/orgs with similar interests.

Kune is an initiative under the umbrella of the Comunes Association, a nonprofit organization focused on the encouragement of the Commons, those resources collectively owned or shared among populations. Comunes serves as legal umbrella for multiple related initiatives, and is fully driven by volunteers.

If you want to help Kune, please consider donating to this project through the Comunes Association. Comunes manages the funding of several initiatives, Kune among them. Thus, any donation given from this page will go to the Kune project, in order to maintain the technical resources needed.

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