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  1. Héctor dit :


    Que gran sorpresa encotrarme con esto!!! me encuentro realizando mi proyecto de tesis en el que buscaba integrar herramientas como wikis, blog, webquest, etc. para potencializar el trabajo y conocimiento colaborativo, pero al ver estooo, evidentemente es mejor a lo que pretendia hacer con la integracion de varias herramientas libres.

    Me ponen a pensar si continuar con mi actual proyecto o ver la forma de desarrollar un modulo para kune y que sea tomado como proyecto de tesis dicho desarrollo, rayos que hago :S

  2. jose dit :

    pregunta para los gestores de esta super interesante alternativa:
    – conocen « n-1 » y que similitudes / diferencias tiene con « kune »?
    – conocen « diaspora » y que similitudes / diferencias tiene con « kune »?
    – conocen alternativas similares?
    gracias y adelante con este proyecto que tiene muy buena pinta

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  4. Juanelo dit :

    What about security? I’d like to see something about that topic in the FAQ.
    Diffusion means corruption. What are the mechanisms for avoiding malicious Kune sites or plugins?

    By the way, it is hard to post comments here, as it keeps complaining about a wrong email address (which is not wrong at all as I wrote it).

    • samer dit :

      Hi Juanelo,

      You are right about security, we’ll include a question today on that.

      Concerning the « wrong email address »… the comment system is quite picky, it’s true, and it seems it keeps providing the same error even though it might be for other causes (comment too short, incorrect URL, etc). Seems a bug from wordpress, we’ll check it out.

  5. Thor dit :

    Can I create a closed group society with Kune? I would like to have the option for my group members to pay for access, to only attract really interested group members that will be committed to contribute to the group community. Can I set it up as a paid membership service?

    And do I have to install Kune on my own hosting server? Or do you provide this?

    I just found out about Kune.. I’m currently setting up a social networking website using Boonex Dolphin, but I’m always interested in alternatives.

    Anywhere I can read about all the different features for Kune and already developed add-ons?

    Thanks! And good luck with developing! 🙂

    • samer dit :

      Hi Thor,

      Following Vjrj reply, I’ll answer other questions you rised:
      – We provide http://kune.cc as a Kune server which encourages free/libre contents.
      – You can install your own Kune in your own server and adapt it to your needs. You are free to charge users to use it, as this is not compatible with Kune’s license AGPLv3.
      – The features of Kune can be found in this website, and updates in Kune’s blog. For exploring the different addons you can create an account in Kune and « Add gadget » from a document.
      – All groups can have « lists » for discussion (as in forums). Those are like google-groups or mailing lists, but with no emails but « waves ».


  6. Thor dit :

    Does Kune have a forum where group members can discuss topics?

  7. vjrj dit :

    Hi Thor:

    I try to answer your questions.

    Kune is designed to encorauge sharing/collaboration and free-open culture as much as possible. Anyway it can be used also in closed spaces like intranets, etc. Also you can create closed groups.

    We have some discussion lists in:
    about development, design, and other topics.

  8. Rob dit :

    Hi all,

    I have just found Kune and it is a really interesting tool. I am looking for a collaboration tool that can help to work with some colleagues/friends but in a private way. Here are my questions,

    1. Is the information on my profile public, ie, documents, blog, etc. ? I can access it when I am not log in.
    2. I want to create a group, but I just want to share the information with some people. The information I want to share is private, so I do not want that everybody in the internet can have access, jut my colleagues. Is it possible? Should I change the copyright license (by default is under creative commons)?
    3. In case the information in close group is private, it my happen that one of the users that have access to this private information, could copy it in another webpage and share it, as all the contents follows the creative common license. Does the whole group have lost the intelectual property of the creation? For me this is important, as I want to create a group for ongoing work and publish this work before it is finished will be a big trouble.

    Thank you very much for your help,

    • samer dit :

      Hi Rob,

      1. Right now, the personal profile stuff is public (in the sense an anonymous user can check it). An example: http://kune.cc/#!samer The list of friends can be hidden, though.
      2. You can create a « Closed » group and such group would be fully private. That is, no user outside of the group can see anything from the inside. The license shown would apply just to the members, as it is not public contents. It’s up to you to change the license or not.
      3. The nature of digital data facilitates the copying with zero cost. That is, even if your work has closed copyright (all rights reserved), a member of your private group could copy and paste the contents and share them around. If it’s critical for you, you might want to prevent this with non-disclosure agreements, which legally bind the participants to not sharing/copying/talking about it, etc. Concerning licensing, the most strict Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND) forbids any alteration of content (thus, any copy must include any legal note that it may have) and any derivative work, but still allows exact copying (inherent in the digital world).

      Hope that helps. Feel free to ask us any other doubts: http://kune.ourproject.org/contact/

  9. Alban dit :


    Kune es una herramienta fantástica. Tengo una cuestión puedo como puedo tener/instalar mi propio Kune en un servidor privado (el objetivo es de hacer une comunidad de trabajo privada alrededor de un proyecto)? Puedo usar de una locación de espacio en gandi (http://es.gandi.net/) por ejemplo?

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