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college vocational school for geriatric care.Curriculum reference aim 1 tasks and ideas within the elderly LF 1.two Theoretical basis inside the old nursing actions involving II models apa nursing paper of care and nursing theories (Orem, Peplau, Krohwinkel)Time extent approx .. hours.Operating technique / e iOS.Apps Book Creator (or other e-book app)Technical Settings World-wide-web, headphones, beamers, pupils Tablets 1: 1, file management technique.Literature (concern) Schneider, Kordula. Models of care, nursing theories, nursing ideas: fundamental issue of care for the training and continuing education. Prodos. 2012th

Description and mastering objectives of this proposal for the tablet use.In this extended instruction sequence, the pupils are divided into diverse groups. A beneficial group size could be four pupils. Every single group gets a nursing model assigned: Hildegard Peplau, Dorothea E. Orem, Monika Krohwinkel. The tasks are annexed material 1-3. Every group is provided a distinct process. The group designed for this care model, an e-book and prepares an oral presentation towards the class. Classes have been carried out using a comparatively modest class, so only three tasks are listed; with bigger classes, tasks could either doubled or much more models are introduced (eg Leininger Sunrise model). Then again, more than three models of care a really amazing challenge for the other groups considering that of operate time.

As a base material, the groups get the passages to the respective care model in the booklet: models of care, nursing theories, nursing concepts: fundamental problem of care for the coaching and continuing education of Kordula Schneider. This Develop the pupils independently. The LK assists and technical difficulties if required.The project is created for a variety of hours, as the models of care are complicated and their remedy should be planned as an e-book and as a presentation. As a result, it is advisable to perform this as a project and give notes on e-book and presentation. Ought to continue to provide their e-books at a specified deadline prior to holding the presentation from the L, the pupils, so that verify the outcomes and may give feedback.Specialist competence: Pupils deliver chosen models of care and nursing concepts represents


Technical abilities: students can …represent the contents on the care model of Orem in their very own words. represent the contents of your care model Peplau in their very own words. represent the contents on the care model of Krohwinkel in their very own words.Social / individual abilities:Pupils perform as a group a complicated issue in project form and put this in the form of a presentation.Central transferable capabilities: advertising media literacy by generating a e-books.Extra data: It is useful if advance theoretical foundations were generally treated by care models within the classroom


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