Presentations in Contact (New York) & Free Culture Forum (Barcelona)

During the last weeks, we have been moving around presenting Kune in several contexts, together with our other project Move Commons, now in a crowdfunding campaign.

We’ve been showing Kune in the intensive 1-day unconference Contact, in New York City. Contact was about building the next internet: “the net of the future will not be fueled by ads, but by people solving real problems through distributed, peer-to-peer solutions”. We had there a session on colaborative software tools in which we had some interesting discussions on the needs to boost community-driven collaboration. You can see the Kune flyer we distributed in that hectic event. Still, the best part of the trip was outside the conference, getting an insight of the Occupy Wall Street movement. We had some fantastic meetings with the people in the Free/Libre/Open-source Solutions Working Group of OWS, and they are very interested in using Kune. We don’t think of a better use of Kune than to be used by a decentralized social movement like this one.

Contact Unconference

Contact Unconference. Photo by Divergence

We have been also in Barcelona, in the Free Culture Forum, an “international space in which to build and coordinate a global framework for action and a common agenda for issues related to free culture and access to knowledge”. There we presented several projects of the Comunes collective, and of course Kune (and the justifications for it) took the most time in the presentation. We have the slides we used, which provide a pretty good overview of Comunes projects and the reasons for Kune. The project was very well received in the FCForum, and a direct result was to meet the Lorea / n-1 people. We now plan to have online meetings with them, in order to coordinate efforts on building federated social networks.

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